Licence requirements

Authorisation to use pictures from aeris GmbH

Right of use and copyright for Aeris artwork data
Use of all artwork data is subject to prior and explicit authorisation. aeris GmbH owns the right of use and will make it available to business partners for the duration of the mutual business relations or for the agreed period of use according to the common business purpose agreed. In the case of unauthorised use of artwork data aeris reserves the right to assert claims for damages. Authorisation to use pictures from aeris GmbH can be revoked at any time.


Voucher copies
At least two complete voucher copies of every publication in print are to be sent unsolicited and free of charge to aeris GmbH.


Upon use of said artwork data, a reference must be made to the copyright of aeris GmbH (┬ž13 copyright act), for example "Photo: aeris".

Further use of artwork data
The artwork data provided is for your exclusive use only. Transfer of the rights of use, for example in the case of selling via AMAZON or other market places, is expressly prohibited.

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